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Third Eye using Arduino

The first wearable technology for people who are blindUsing ultrasonic waves to detect the obstaclesNotifying the user through vibrations/buzzer sound Third eye for people who are blind is an innovation which helps the blind people to navigate with speed and confidence by detecting the nearby obstacles using the help of ultrasonic waves and notify them with buzzer sound or vibration. They only need to wear this device as a band or cloth. According to WHO 39 million peoples are estimated as blind worldwide. They are suffering a lot of hardship in their daily life. The affected ones have been using the traditional white cane for many years which although being effective, still has a lot of disadvantages. Another way is, having a pet animal such as a dog, but it is really expensive. So the aim of the project is to develop a cheap and more efficient way to help visually impaired to navigate with greater comfort, speed and confidence. Novelty of the project : This is the first wearable tech…