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Huzzah Weather Display

Huzzah Weather Display.  The Huzzah ESP8266 module is an inexpensive microcontroller with WiFi capabilities. It can be programmed with the Arduino IDE so that you don't need a separate microcontroller! This device gets the latest weather information from and displays it on a 1.3" monochrome OLED display.
Note on difficulty: this is an intermediate level project and involves running a PHP script on a web server to parse data from before it gets read by the Huzzah. It's helpful to know some basics about PHP and web servers before starting this project!
This project was created by Daniel Eichhorn and the code was forked to work with Adafruit hardware and libraries.
The weather icons were created by Alessio Atenzi.
Dano Wall designed the lasercut enclosure.
Parts List by Andy Doro Electronics PartsHuzzah ESP8266 BreakoutMonochrome 1.3" 128x64 OLED graphic displayUSB micro-B breakout2 x 1-pin male headers (these are included in the above breakouts…

Tech Owl

How to Build a Tech Owl That Will Make You Air Quality Wise #CitizenScience #Arduino #DIY #science #air
This owl is not only an adorable DIY project, but a practical air quality monitor. Posted by Team Oizom (Anith Patel and Sohil Patel) on, AirOwl uses an Arduino 101, a dust sensor and Adafruit Neopixels to reveal air quality. Data is displayed in three ways—through a mobile Blynk app, the color of the owl’s eyes and within Arduino’s serial monitor. Of course the eyes are most fun, enabling you to get an instant read from a distance. Green=safe environment, Blue=take care and Red= danger.

The app is easy to put in place and uses BLE to bring data into gauges for the different particulate matter types. The team has placed instructions for setting up the app on their project page, as well as links to Github for the owl design files, PCB files and code. This project won 3rd place (student) in Hackster’s Earth Day: Planet Pulse contest. For any teacher incorpo…

Air Quality Analyzer

Analyses home air quality and records the values in a SD card. Things used in this project Hardware componentsADAFRUIT FEATHER M0 ADALOGGER



DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Jumper wires (generic)around 20 male to male 15cm jumpers.×2
Software apps and online services
Arduino IDE

Hand tools and fabrication machines
Soldering iron (generic)

Story The quality of the air that we breathe, is very important to our health. This device analyses the air quality inside our homes, and records the values in a SD card. By analyzing the stored values, we know how the evolution of the parameters thru time was. I will use temperature, humidity and air quality sensors that are cheap enough to use in this kind of project, without sacrificing too much the precision. The main idea behind this project is to know if the air is breathable or not. The elected sensors are: D…