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Unboxing the Electron

Particlehas been making huge ripples in the IoT community lately, and this week we had a chance to unbox their product, the Electron.

The Electron (starting at $49USD), unlike their Wifi predecessors, operates on the GSM (cell phone) networks. For hobbyists, prototypers and companies looking to scale devices that need communication, the freedom of not having to be tethered to a Wifi access point is a great feature. Now you can monitor your geocache, track your bike, or record the weather from the top of your office. Sometimes WiFi is far enough out-of-range to be a pain, and the Electron provides huge flexibility.

The Electron can be programmed using the familiar Arduino-esque syntax through their web IDE, and it can be flashed over the cloud just like the Photon. This does use the data plan however, so it is recommended that you program the device over USB. And yes, you can use your own compiler and IDE!

Particle's recent addition of the Electron is a fantastic step forward, and the…